Welcome to the Outer Comstock Neighborhood Association’s Board of Directors page. Our Board of Directors is made up of a dedicated group of volunteers who are committed to making our neighborhood a better place to live.

Currently, we have twenty-one board members who serve on various committees and work together to carry out the association’s mission. We are proud to announce that we have recently elected new officers to lead our board and guide us towards a brighter future. Board members meet the fourth Tuesday of each month (excluding December) online hosted by the board president or in-person at the Central Baptist Church on Alden Street. Meetings typically last an hour.

Our board members come from diverse backgrounds and bring a wealth of skills and experience to the table. They are passionate about our neighborhood and are always looking for ways to improve it.

We believe that an effective board is one that listens to its constituents, is transparent in its actions, and is accountable to the community it serves. We are committed to these principles and strive to embody them in all of our work.

If you are interested in learning more about our board members or getting involved in the association, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We would love to hear from you!


Kate Mercer
Vice President:
Pam Peter
Khris Dodson
Michele Thorna

Board Members:

Chris Bartlett
Eric Boyer
MaryEllen Datta
Melissa Gervais
Dorian Kessler
Florence Mandebvu
Martha McCoy
Jesse O’Donnell
Phil Prehn
Zach Pudney
Gloria Sage
Deb Thorna
Annie Tuttle
Mary “Kiki” White