Welcome to the Outer Comstock Neighborhood Association’s “Bylaws” page. Our bylaws serve as the foundation of our organization and provide guidance on everything from board member elections to committee operations.

Article 1: Name
The name of the Association shall be the “Outer Comstock Neighborhood Association, Inc.” ( OCNA). OCNA Foundation, Inc., a 501(3)c corporation, is the tax exempt entity associated with OCNA .
Article 2: Purpose
  1. Promote and preserve a neighborhood environment which is pleasant, attractive, safe, healthy, and otherwise conducive to the well being of the residents.
  2. Maintain the single-family residential character of the neighborhood where it exists.
  3. Encourage residents to support and participate in affairs affecting the neighborhood.
  4. Communicate neighborhood concerns to city and county officials.
  5. Strive to obtain a fair share of beneficial neighborhood public works and beautification projects.
Article 3: Boundries
The geographic boundaries of OCNA are defined by:

E. Colvin Street (south side)
Skytop property (west side)
Ainsley Drive
Conrail tracks – E. Brighton Avenue(east side)
Article 4: Districts
There are nine districts within the boundaries of OCNA , the names and boundaries are listed below. The purpose of the districts is to facilitate the operation of the Association. If a street is the border between two districts the residences on both sides of the dividing street shall be assigned to one of the districts.
The assignment will be indicated by a ➕ or ➖. Map of Syracuse Neighborhoods

Jamesville ➕ – Jean – Diana – Thayer ➕
Roe – Tejah – Jamesville ➖ – Thayer ➕
Roe – Thayer ➖ – Comstock ➖ – Thurber ➖
Comstock ➕ – Thayer ➖ – Jamesville ➕ – Thurber ➕
N. Goodrich
Comstock ➕ – Thurber ➕ – Goodrich – E. Colvin
Harriette ➕ – Vincent ➖ – Jamesville ➕ – E. Colvin
Comstock ➖ – Thurber ➖ – Jamesville ➕ -Vincent ➕
Moore( ➕ with Michael Circle)– Smith Lane ➖ – Berwin ➕ – E. Colvin
Jamesville ➖ – Thurber ➕ – E. Brighton – Smith Lane ➕
Article 5: Membership
Sec. 1. Eligibility (voting)
  • Own property within OCNA boundaries and reside therein or have resided within OCNA boundaries for more than one year.
  • Be over 18 years of age.
Sec. 2. Eligibility (non-voting)
  • Individuals not residing within the boundaries of OCNA, but having an interest in the neighborhood, may become members with Board approval.” to “Individuals not residing within the boundaries of OCNA, but having an interest in the neighborhood may become members.
  • Businesses having an interest in the neighborhood may become members, subject to Board approval.
Sec. 3. Conditions:
  • Completion of membership application.
  • Payment of dues, except when waived by the Board under special circumstances.
Sec. 4. Membership Year
  • The Association will function on a calender year basis for fiscal and membership purposes.
Article 6: Board of Directors (Board)
Sec.1. Qualifications
  • A member of the Board must be a member of OCNA in good standing.
Sec. 2. Number and distribution
  • There shall be a maximum of 20 members of the Board. At least one directorship shall be reserved for a resident of each of the nine OCNA districts.
  • Twelve members of the Board shall be elected by the membership. Others may be appointed by the Board. Appointment shall be done with the aim of
    • obtaining district representation
    • having committee and task force chairpersons on the Board.
Sec. 3. Seat Vacancy
Any vacancy on the Board of Directors may be filled until the next election by a majority vote of the remaining members of the Board. The Board may remove Officers or Director for cause by a two-thirds vote of all members of the Board. Missing three consecutive regular Board meetings without an excuse acceptable to the Board, shall constitute a resignation.
Sec. 4. Powers and Duties
The Board of Directors shall have full control of the policies, activities, and assets of the Association in accordance with the Bylaws.
Sec. 5. Board Meetings
The Board shall meet at least quarterly at a time determined by the Board. Special Board meetings may be called by the President or by five members of the Board. At least three days notification shall be given.
Sec. 6. Quorum
Fifty percent of members of the Board shall constitute a quorum.
Sec. 7. Term
The term of office of elected Board members shall begin at the annual meeting at which they are elected and extend until the election at the annual meeting, two years hence. Appointed Board members shall serve until the election at the next annual meeting.
Article 7: Officers
Sec. 1. The Officers shall consist of President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, and Treasurer.
Sec.2. The Officers shall be selected by the Board from among its members at the first meeting of the Board
after the Annual Meeting.
Sec.3. The President is the chief executive officer of the organization and shall:
a. Preside at all meetings of the Association and the Board of the Directors.
b. Appoint committee and task force chairpersons, subject to Board approval.
c. In conjunction with the Treasurer shall maintain membership lists.
Sec.4. The Vice President shall assist the President in discharging his (her) duties and in his (her) absence act in
his (her) stead.
Sec.5. The Recording Secretary shall keep minutes at general meetings, Board meetings and executive
committee meetings. He (she) shall keep records of the organization.
Sec.6. The Treasurer shall keep the financial records of the organization and shall handle dues, deposits, and
expenditures. In conjunction with the President, shall maintain membership lists. He (she) shall report
the financial status of the organization at Board meetings and general meetings. The financial institution
where funds are kept and type of account(s) shall be subject to Board approval. Disbursements above
seventy-five dollars shall require Board approval.” to “Except for recurring expenses (e.g., newsletter
printing and postage), disbursements above seventy-five dollars shall require Board approval.
Article 8: Elections
Sec.1. Elections of members of the Board of Directors shall take place at the Annual Meeting.
Sec.2. The voting shall be by secret ballot with each member in good standing having one vote.
Sec.3. Quorum: To constitute a valid election a quorum shall be 10 percent of the membership.
Sec.4. A nominating committee shall be appointed by the Board.
Article 9: Changing Bylaws
Sec.1. The Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the membership present at any general meeting or
special meeting. Written notice must be given to members at least 14 days prior to the meeting.
Sec.2. Any member who wishes to make a change in the bylaws can submit the proposed change to the Board
with signatures of at least twenty members. The proposed change will be published in a newsletter or
notice and delivered by hand or by mail. The proposed changes will be voted on at a general meeting or
by mailed-in ballot, at the discretion of the Board.
Article 10: Committies
Sec.1. The Board shall establish standing committees to help carry out the aims of the organization.
Sec.2. Task forces may be set up to address specific problems.
Article 11: Executive Committee
Sec.1. The Executive Committee shall consist of the Officers of the organization.
Sec.2. The Executive Committee may take actions on behalf of the organization when the full Board cannot
respond in a timely fashion.
Sec.3. All actions of the Executive Committee must be reported to the Board at or before the next Board
Article 12: General Meetings
Sec.1. The Annual Meeting shall be held in a suitable place designated by the Board of Directors in the Fall
before Thanksgiving. Written notification of the time and place for the meeting shall be given to all
members by mail or personal delivery at least two weeks before the meeting.
Sec.2. Other general meetings may be arranged as required. At least one week notification shall be given to
Sec.3 Emergency general meetings of OCNA may be called by the President. At least three days notification
of these special meetings shall be given to members.
Srticle 13: Committing the Association
Sec.1. OCNA will not be committed by any statement of any Officer, Director, or member, unless authorized
by the Board of Directors or the Executive Committee.
Sec.1. In the event of dissolution, all the remaining assets and property of the Association shall, after necessary
expenses thereof, be expended for the benefit of the neighborhood according to a determination of a
majority of the Board.